Saturday, September 14, 2013

Your opinions are important to the business community, so important that you can get paid to take surveys. Consider this, if doctors get paid for their opinions then why not us consumers? And we do, but like everything else you have to watch out for the time wasters, so this where I do my research.

I am compiling a list of good research companies that are legit and will pay you a fair amount for your time.

As a market researcher, I welcome you to visit these sites, sign up, take your favorite survey and make some money. All I ask is that you report back your experience which will help others. Use the comment section here and write a review. I will be adding some more soon.

1) Esearch

2) Ipoll

3) Survey Police Always good to find a site that has already done the research you think needed done and such is the above site. I recommend a visit and if you choose a program please let me know which one and what your thoughts on the program are.

Write your comments below about these survey companies.